Derby Rules

All anglers must comply with New Hampshire Fish & Game Department laws.

Salmon cannot be taken through the ice: there are no Brown Trout in Lake Winnipesaukee. Salmon should be released by cutting the line while the fish remains in the water.

While fishing in N.H. be aware there are restrictions when using lead fishing sinkers and jigs. Please refer to N.H. RSA 211:13-b to make sure you are within the law.

Littering of any New Hampshire lake is a violation of the law and nature. Please keep America clean. Do the right thing!
Carry off what you carry on. Be sure to use the bathroom facilities provided at Derby Headquarters in Meredith and in other locations.

Lake Waukewan is a town water supply and it is a violation to drive any vehicle on this lake. The Meredith Rotary Club highly recommends you do not drive any vehicle onto any body of water.

The Meredith Rotary Club strongly supports the Catch & Release philosophy. Be realistic in judging whether your fish will make the prize board. If the fish does not look to be of competitive size, release it back into the water. Various radio stations broadcast fish size information during the Derby.

1. All anglers must comply with the laws set forth by the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department. Ice Fishing rules can be viewed on the NHF&G site:

2. All fish must be legally and freshly caught from any fresh New Hampshire public waters as defined in RSA:271:20 by the registered Derby ticket holder. Fish must be taken through the ice on Saturday or Sunday of Derby Weekend. All fishermen must ensure that fish being entered in the Derby are dead prior to entering the weigh-in line.

3. A valid Derby ticket and a valid New Hampshire Fishing License will be required for identification when entering fish and claiming a prize.

4. Weight at the time of entry determines winners. In case of a tie, length shall be the determinate factor. Earliest entry will be the final tie breaker.

5. Unacceptable Fish Include:
A. No Rainbow Trout under 17 inches in length will be accepted
B. No Lake Trout under 22 inches in length will be accepted
C. No Cusk under 22 inches in length will be accepted
D. No Pickerel under 22 inches in length will be accepted
E. No White Perch under 14 inches in length will be accepted
F. No Yellow Perch under 12 inches in length will be accepted
G. No Black Crappie under 13 inches in length will be accepted
H. No Bass, Brown Trout, or Salmon will be accepted

6. Entered fish become the property of the Derby. All registered fish that are eligible for prizes will be retained until 3:30 pm on Sunday of Derby Weekend. Anglers may request the return of their fish after award presentations are finished. All fish not reclaimed by 4:00pm on Sunday of Derby Weekend will be donated to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness for the feeding of their otters, raptors, bears, and other animals.

7. The fish registration deadline for Saturday is 4:00 pm and Sunday 3:00 pm according to the Official Derby Time Clock at Derby Headquarters. Fish registration begins at 8:00 am Saturday, and 7:00 am Sunday. No fish may be registered for Sunday’s prize board on Saturday.

8. Any and all fish in anglers’ possession at the Derby Headquarters shall be dead; any live fish in possession will result in immediate Derby disqualification.

9. Fish to be entered must be free of all debris such as snow, ice, lines, hooks, weights, etc. Meredith Rotary reserves the right to open or x-ray any fish.

10. All anglers entering fish eligible for prizes of $500 or more will be required to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury, certifying the date, time, lake, and person catching the fish.

11. Rotarians and Derby Officials are not liable for any injury or loss of life or property. All anglers are responsible for their own safety and knowledge of their surroundings.


It's the Law!!

Derby Rules